Social media is also a passion of mine. I have created a social media strategy providing a dynamic online presence on multiple platforms. I arrange daily content development and community management for a social audience of over 50 thousand followers through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The use of original video and graphic design content has enhanced performance optimization throughout these platforms. I am proficient in social media strategic development, community management, social engagement, compiling analytics, and SEO.

 My name is Kevin Mulligan. I am a videographer and digital creator from Woodbridge, New Jersey. I graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Radio & Television. I was also a division 1 cross country and track and field athlete. I have significant experience in the field of digital production and have excellent knowledge in all aspects of media. 

My leadership skills and work ethic are a fundamental part of who I am. I work well in teams and collaborative settings and I am an extremely driven individual.

Kevin W. MulliGan

I have worked on a wide range of projects in areas such as sporting events, commercials, travel, weddings, and music videos with years of experience in client relations, managing camera equipment, filming, editing, and delivering high-quality final products. I demonstrate proficiency in tools such as Final Cut Pro, Premier, Photoshop, and WordPress, as well as expertise on tripod, handheld, aerial, and ENG cameras.